• John Caswell

John Caswell

John Caswell started his career in the 1980s as the Head of Marketing at Acorn Computers – the business that also spawned the highly successful Arm Technologies – the company that builds the Arm processors – most likely the one inside your mobile phone.

The next ten years were spent building an integrated communication and strategic consultancy in London. He created major/award-winning marketing and strategic programs for IBM, Ford, Oracle, Benetton, Philips, Microsoft, Xerox, Time Warner, Sony, and many more.

Over the years, and like everyone, John has experienced a lot of things about business. One observation he’s made is that countless practices designed to help business solve challenges have been mediocre and add rather than solve the problems.

A large proportion of these practices offer surprisingly low value or are just wrong – full of risk and unnecessary expense.

In almost every business he has worked with there’s been misunderstanding and confusion around how stuff got done. As a result comes frustration and inefficiency in how companies think  about the future of their operations. From strategy to tactics – from transformation to change – there’s an awful lot that needs to be thought through differently.

John decided that his experiences could serve business better; that logical frameworks could help people think with far higher precision. The insight is that visuals can dramatically improve the engagement and understanding of teams.  And by bringing objectivity and by being totally impartial, business can avoid unintentionally creating yet more problems.

Group Partners and Rushmans have worked together for so long now there are no gaps – effectively we are one and act as one. Together we have tailored strategies for countless projects and enterprises – their triumph is our success.

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