• Nigel Rushman

Nigel Rushman

Nigel Rushman has spent 25 years working with governments and enterprises on wide ranging programs all over the world.

“Nigel is a continuous learner, working with enterprises to create ‘clarity of purpose’, ‘get stuff done’, “making it real”  and using “uncommon thinking to deliver common sense”.

He continues to study psychology, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, negotiation and strategy as these are becoming foundational to the vital changes businesses need to make.

After founding, building and selling marketing and PR companies, he has established and advised numerous businesses, governments and organisations across a broad range of industries including technology, data, broadcast, sports, medtech, catering, construction, manufacturing and others. He has directed and project managed over 500 political, sports and commercial programmes in more than 30 countries over the last 25 years.

Working with John Caswell, Nigel travels the world helping governments and enterprises  large and small solve their challenges and master their opportunities.

A Co-founder of Venica with the mission of ‘Making Good Science Good Business’. Nigel is active in numerous businesses and initiatives worldwide.

You can find out more about Nigel through his blog www.nigelrushman.com.

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