Occasional thought shared with our practice ‘insiders’

9th November 2017

We’re all suffering from attention deficit.

Not surprising given the amount of competition we have for it. At the last count there’s over 120 channels vying for our bandwidth. (Email, social media, apps, traditional media) You wait – soon you will be able to add another 50.

Same problem for our customers, consumers and audiences.

What to do?

Our inability to pay attention to anything much coincides with what we’ve decided matters to us. If it’s not high on our own personal or business agenda then forget it. The thing is how have we arrived at our list.

If you aren’t considering disrupting your own market, understanding who is about to disrupt you, figuring out how digital currencies and blockchain will affect you, embracing AI and ML within your firm, planning to succeed in the war for talent (breathe) then you have a very different list of priorities to the people we are currently working with.

Rushmans and Group Partners have been working with some very interesting challenges across Corporations, Entrepreneurial StartUps and National Governments a lot lately.

Working hard to unravel what the future means given these dynamics. We’ve all heard of the new entrants to mess with our businesses – Blockchain and Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin/Ethereum – Robots and the future of work – how VR will alter customer experiences and how chatbots will quickly remove our secretaries and receptionists, lawyers and doctors.

Yes there’s plenty in the press – there’s much bluster and fake news. Because we’ve been hands on at the frontline with our clients doing practical things to embrace or plan for it we’ve been figuring out what it actually means for business and how and what we might need to do about it.

The next quarter sees us continuing with this work and although we can’t share directly anything of a confidential nature you can see the kinds of things we have been up to here.

We would be thrilled to down a coffee or two with you directly and explain some of our points of view as well. Maybe even how we could help your organisation? Opinions are always good to share!