Rushmans launch revolutionary online self service accreditation software

20th September 2016

Sports event management specialists Rushmans has launched, a revolutionary on-line, self-service accreditation system designed to enable all events to have immediate access to a simple to use, yet sophisticated pass printing system that meets all security requirements. is the result of a 2-year development process and fuses advanced software and banking-grade security with the unique depth of practical knowledge of sports event accreditation developed by Rushmans over more than 25 years.

Effective accreditation is critical to the safe and efficient management of sports events of any size and its importance has been heightened by rising security concerns.

But standard procedures are complicated, time consuming, expensive and prone to error and occasional failure. enables event managers to set up their accreditation project in minutes and start receiving and processing online applications immediately. There is also the option for regular event applicants to upload and store their personal details and photograph for use on future events using their unique login and password. This will be of particular interest to Sports Media who apply for Event Accreditations many times per year.

Nigel Rushman founder of Rushmans and said

“ is set to change the way that events operate their accreditation. For 20 years we have watched events struggle with an expensive and labor intensive process. Now there is a better way. Even printing passes for a small event can be simply achieved using All that’s needed is an Internet connection and managers of any size event can start their accreditation process in minutes using easy to follow cloud based software.”

Designing and printing passes is made easy and all data is protected by banking grade security.

Initially aimed at medium sized events, functionality is increasing every week and whilst remaining a very simple interface, the system is more than capable of handling the largest of events, significantly reducing set-up times and costs.

“We use Apps on our devices for nearly everything now, I don’t see why it should be any different for Sports Event Accreditation. Event Managers want the tools for the job not sales pitches for expensive, impenetrable software that takes weeks to set up and smaller events don’t want the hassle of setting up Excel sheets, entering data and designing passes” said Nigel Rushman.

“All events need some level of access control. Now any size event, anywhere can use Easy, Smart, Secure beautifully designed Accreditation software straight away and know exactly how much it will cost with no hidden extras.”

The whole application, approvals, allocation and pass printing workflow is online and ready to go.

Joel Ortega Quinteiro, Director General of RTV Commercial (left) and Nigel Rushman, Founder of Rushmans

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