So what does Rushmans do?

20th October 2020

A question that people continue to ask us and the answer to which has evolved significantly over the years.

Our team possesses a diverse array of skills and as we move between projects, the definition of Rushmans: The Company moves too.

As has been the case for many years, client confidentiality has (frustratingly) prevented us from being explicit about the projects we are involved with but let us stick our heads out from the bunker for a second and tell you about the Rushmans focus right now:

Challenges and Opportunities – The current pandemic has created many obstacles, confusion and uncertainty. Our extensive business, marketing and operational experience can untangle a lot of the challenges faced by businesses, especially in this current climate, and transform them into opportunities. Read more about our focus on challenges and opportunities >

Bidding and Campaigning – You may already know that Rushmans has an enormous amount of experience in the sports sector, especially when it comes to bidding and campaigning. However it’s precisely this experience that allows us to translate those skills into almost any commercial sphere. Read more about our unique approach to bidding and campaigning >

Optimisation – By applying our creativity and dynamic methodologies, we encourage our clients to think better and work smarter. Our client portfolio is diverse, but there is a thread running through everything we do. How we make optimisation happen