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18th February 2014

It’s A Funny Old World…. Cup

It doesn’t seem like a long time since we were creating everything that moved on what was then the World’s biggest sporting event. Euro 96. In fact it’s nearly over 20 years!

In that time just about everything has changed except the shape of the ball – and that’s probably changed too. So how do you plan for something that’s definitely going to happen but everything surrounding it is likely to change significantly (and more rapidly than you could possibly imagine)

A Superior Intelligence?

This calls for a quality of thinking at a superior level. That degree of thinking that would be able to first imagine and then create the truly resilient operation and enterprise.

Think About That

Changing anything is hard enough but planning in a way that includes, even embraces change, is a whole other thing. Anticipation becomes the interesting capability but without prejudice or projection that can cause real risk. What’s required is a state of mind, a mentality that is positively interested in how things might shake down.

Imagine you are going to stage the Olympics in 10 years time. How would you design the stadia to cope with the unknown urban attitude of the times? How would you think about the media services and the digital environment that will exist then? How would you describe the story and role of the Olympics in a valid social context so that it is best positioned to avoid criticism from the media and other dynamics that are likely to pervade?

…Not a trivial task.

Brain Power

Anticipation as a strategy requires a maturity of thinking and leadership together with techniques and tools that enable an entire enterprise to behave consciously at all times. It requires a well rehearsed and pragmatic platform capable of a persistent readiness to respond. This weaponry must be constantly updated and well understood by everyone so that the best reaction and decisions can be made.

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