What are you doing??

25th November 2013

Where’s your Strategic Plan?

If it can fit in a drawer, that’s probably where it deserves to be. What good is it doing there? Nothing but a vague pain that took ages to come up with, and then everyone went back to their day job.

Front and CentreStrategic Plan

A great business strategy should be living and breathing, it should be part of you and all your colleagues. Front of mind, front and centre. It should be ‘Real’. It should be – literally – visible to you and you should be acting on its vision and objectives. Is what you are doing or about to do getting you closer to your objectives? Are your objectives aligned with those of your team?

Strategy should speak to you, resonate with you and your team but most of all, most IMPORTANTLY of all it should be Real.

When you created it – I hope it wasn’t just sent to you? You helped create it right? Has it been tested and challenged?

That would have happened during the creative process of course… Did it?

Highly Visual Process

Rushmans, working together with Group Partners – have created robust and winning business strategies using their Structured Visual Thinking™ along with our Positive Disruption to test and challenge the thinking along the way.

The highly visual process and outputs leave an indelible impact on the minds of the participants enabling them to become champions of the strategy plan with a deep and meaningful understanding of what needs to be done and why. 70% of our neural capability is wired for visual. How is your strategy – working at 30% or less? – sitting in your drawer?

Imperative to the really meaningful process of Making it Happen is getting your team deeply understanding and collaboratively aligned around your objectives – that’s making it real.

We make things happenPositive Thinking

This is what Rushmans do. This is not just about pictures on walls – although they would make great street art. No these are about frameworks and structure to enable powerful thinking, building strategies and outcomes that deliver.

Set us a challenge – take a look at what we do

We collaborate with businesses that make a real difference. Their products and services are best in class. We apply a simple test – ‘why wouldn’t you work with these people?’.

Our clients’ products and services have become game changers, they are the best.

We introduce them to new markets and we enter into direct sales on their behalf. We joint venture we collaborate and we do it with passion.

We Make it Real. How is your Strategy? What are you about to do? Does it matter, is it getting you closer? Is it Real?

And a last word . . . .

The context in which you created that strategy may, no will, change… So change the strategy!

Interested in Strategy

This was a blog post written by Nigel Rushman, founder of Rushmans. Follow Nigel on twitter @nrushman or follow Rushmans @RushmansHQ . For more information about Rushmans Structured Visual Thinking™, or to discuss how we may be able to help your enterprise, please get in touch.